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October is Positive Attitude Month!

Red Ribbon Week begins October 25

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Counseling Corner

Counselors and Counseling Department do not maintain 24-hour access to email accounts.

In the event of a counseling emergency, please call 911 or the Ozark Center Crisis Hotline at 417-347-7720.


Meet your Counselors

Lori Brock 

I’ve been in education for 27 years, 12 of those as a School Counselor. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, extending hope, and the power of relationship.

Ben Withers

I’ve been education for 21 years , 14 of them as a school counselor.  I believe building and maintaining positive relationships with students is the number 1 job of an educator.

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CJJH School Therapy Dog

Selah is a 2 year old Cavapoo who loves Tuesdays and Thursdays when she spends the day at school. She is certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.




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Responsive Services

Meeting with students who have individual needs dealing with social/emotional, academic, or career issues when they arise.

School Counseling Curriculum

Structured developmental activities presented systematically through classrooms and large groups.

Students During Break
Student Writing

Individual Student Planning

Assisting students in academic, college & career planning.


Contact Your Counselor

Have a question or concern?

Physical Address: 306 Keeney Dr, Carl Junction, MO 64834

Phone: 417-649-7246 Brock 2525 Withers 2505

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